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    SPOTLIGHT: New Banksy Mural On Love in the Digital Era

    Oh, Banksy, we love how you never seem to miss a beat. Painted on a quaint stone wall on Clement Street in Bristol, United Kingdom is a new mural from the famed artist depicting a scenario thats becoming all too familiar in this ever-so saturated digital world. 

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    Celebrating 20 years of one of the greatest hip-hop albums ever, and my personal favorite of all time.

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Common - WAR
And just like that, No ID just dropped the latest from Common Sense. “Nobody Smiling” is coming soon…


    Common - WAR

    And just like that, No ID just dropped the latest from Common Sense. “Nobody Smiling” is coming soon…

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    Our new music video for ‘Crystallized’ from our upcoming album Mind Over Matter premiered at Consequence of Sound. Preorder Mind Over Matter now on iTunes HERE and receive instant downloads of ‘Crystallized’ and ‘It’s About Time’.

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    Our new single ‘It’s About Time’ from our upcoming album Mind Over Matter is available now on iTunes. Check out the music video above.

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    Kobe Bryant - “The Last Chapter”

    Last season, a dream team lineup turned into a nightmare for the Los Angeles Lakers. No moment was worse than a career threatening injury to the face of its franchise over the last 17 years, Kobe Bryant. With less than a month remaining until the start of this season, many wonder when the Black Mamba will return from his torn achilles and if he will ever be the same player again. Only time will tell, but if there’s one man who can do it, it’s Kobe Bryant. Love him or hate him, everyone is waiting to see how the last chapter of his storied career will unfold.

    In honor of my favorite player of all time, this mix commemorates Kobe Bryant’s entire career from beginning to now, chronicling the ups and downs for one of the greatest to ever play the game.

    Special thanks to Maxamillion711, KonyginGD, xfactor541, purpleandgoldTVC, Kietasss and TheAssociationLiveHD for additional footage and audio clips.

    Thumbnail designed by Ishaan Mishra of Source24designs in collaboration with Mariusz Wnęk and Matt Tan.

    FOOTAGE: Courtesy of NBA, ESPN, ABC, NBC, TNT, FOX Sports, KCAL

    MUSIC: “Conviction”, “Interstellar”, “To Glory” and “Retribution” by Groove Worx; “Gotham’s Reckoning” by Hans Zimmer

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    Spelling Father by Marshall Davis Jones and stillmotion

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    This is hilarious.

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    Cody McClaine (The Verified) f/ Version One - “Like We Do” (Prod. by King I Divine)

    More L.A./NC hip-hop connections for the world.


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